Windows 365 (Cloud PC) : Releasing 2nd of August

The first rumours we heard about Windows 365 was in 2015 when Microsoft registered trademark for ‘Windows 365’. And after almost six years the tech giant just announced the desktop as a service or as they like to call it ‘Your PC in the cloud’ service named, Windows 365.

- This is a Cloud PC. Now any device can be a Cloud PC with Windows 365. Hybrid work is here. With Windows in the cloud, embrace flexibility in how, when, and where you work. Streaming your personalized Windows experience from the Microsoft Cloud. Your Cloud PC is always current so pick up where you left off. All your apps, content, and settings ready wherever your work takes you. Integrated management and security with everything in the cloud. Scale on demand to meet your needs with company owned or personal devices all in one seamless experience that's just a few clicks to deploy. The world of work has changed so we're changing how you get Windows. Stream from the cloud to any device to unlock your business' full potential. Hybrid Windows for a hybrid world. 

This is a transcript from one of Windows 365 first ads. It was announced on the Microsoft Inspire Keynote by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. From his notes it’s clear that Microsoft will be targeting businesses and their employees as the main customers.

What is Windows 365 ?

In simple words, its a version of windows running in your browser. Its’s a virtualized windows running in the cloud. This will let users use windows in any browser (safari / chrome / Firefox) in desktop(pc or non-pc) or mobile.

What it means for businesses?

This will help employees to work and access their files from anywhere. It will be deployed and managed by Microsoft Endpoint Manager which is far more easier than managing virtual machines using azure.

Windows 365 Release Date

Windows 365 will be available from 2nd August 2021.

Windows 365 Pricing

As of now Microsoft haven’t released any pricing information. But from the keynote and few rumours online its clear that the pricing will depend on how much resources you want. Also from the picture in the official site of Windows 365 we can see some information about storage, ram and vCPU configuration which indicates these will be the factors determining the pricing of the product.

Official Announcement Video



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